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Season Starts July 8th!



We were able to work with the school district to get the location moved back to Rogers.  Practices/Games will be held at both Rogers Elementary School (RES) and Hassan Elementary School this year. 


Here is the schedule and locations, starting July 8th and ending the week of August 22nd:


(This is supposed to be the grade your child is going into - but we rely on what level you registered):


Kindergarten: Mondays at Hassan @ 5:45
1st Grade: T/Th at RES @ 5:30
2nd Grade: T/Th at RES @ 6:45
3rd Grade: M/W at RES @ 5:30
4th Grade: M/W at RES @ 6:45
5th Grade: M/W at Hassan @ 7:00
6th Grade: T/Th at Hassan @ 5:45
7th-8th Grade: T/Th at Hassan @ 7:00



Practice Field Assignments

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Field Locations

Use the map below for your field locations.  Your team home page will tell you which field you will be on for practices.  You will always practice at the same field location.

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Rogers Youth Tackle Program

We started the flag football league because we want to be able to teach kids the game of football in a non-contact environment. Our end-goal is to develop players that will continue to make our high school program successful. We partner with the tackle program so that we can both work together for this same end goal. If you are interested in playing tackle, please visit their website.

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